Boryana Borisova (aka BOTarot) was born in Bulgaria in the 1980s and now lives in the United Kingdom. Growing up, she has always been passionate about tarot reading which is why she founded her own business. She’s now a renowned tarot reader with thousands of people relying on her for wisdom and guidance.

She had unique experiences from a very young age, often dreaming of events related to anniversaries of the dead or connecting with those who have passed away. Despite these supernatural occurrences, she has always been creative and dedicatedly pursued her art education starting at 12 years old and achieving a degree later on.

From a young age, she had a unique sense of style and refused to conform to the norms of society. She loved hard rock bands like Nirvana and was able to learn all the lyrics of Guns n’ Roses by heart.Boryana had earned the nickname Axl among her teenage peers, owing to her admiration for Axl Rose and sporting his signature headbands. She was passionate about music, especially singing and drumming, something she dreamed of doing as a profession. Despite being a little rebellious at times, Boryana was an exemplary student and beloved by teachers.

Young Years


At the young age of 17.5, she applied for linguistics in Plovdiv – an impressive choice given that literature, writing novelties and poems were her other strong suits in addition to drawing. Despite having such a creative and busy mind, she stood 4th on the list among thousands of candidates during the exam – a remarkable feat indeed! She was a remarkable student, excelling in her study of Linguistics and standing out with her writing skills. She had a unique gift for creating stimulating pieces in foreign languages such as Polish. Learning linguistics required her to be incredibly disciplined, as some exams even required her to read through thousands of pages of material in just a few short days. Her reading habits rivalled what most people do throughout their entire lifetime.

Her teachers were impressed by her and she was one of the first students to be chosen for the school exchange program initiated by the University of Bulgaria. She ended up speaking Polish so fluently that many mistook her for a native speaker. Her diploma thesis for the Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska was impressive and much appreciated – it had more than 120 pages! Even though she was encouraged to stay in university, Bo wanted to experience life outside of academics and decided to explore the real world.

Boryana took the initiative to acquire a wide range of languages, including Bulgarian, Polish, English, Italian, Latin, Russian and Czech. It’s truly commendable how she was able to learn so many different tongues!

She has achieved great success even before her graduation – she’s been offered a great job in a modern and ambitious company in Bulgaria. Not only that, but she also successfully managed the company relations with the Polish contractor. Truly commendable! Boryana chose to branch out from her creative soul, and ended up finding a job as a tour guide by the seaside. She felt really passionate about this position and enjoyed the variety of work it brought, interacting with different people and travelling around Bulgaria and Turkey. As an Aries Venus, Scorpio rising she definitely thrived in this environment.

Boryana eventually returned to Sofia and got a job at Nokia Poland, which she was passionate about. Unfortunately, Nokia started to decline, prompting her to look for something more meaningful. She then set up her own translation company before relocating to London, UK.

Her language expertise proved to be beneficial for her career as she successfully worked at Lycatel as the Digital Coordinator for Vubiquity in London. Her career further scaled up when she became an Account Manager at HM International, hiring talent for IT and medical positions in the UK.

Bo left an impression of true dedication as she proactively sought to further her education by pursuing a second degree in Management in the UK. Sadly, due to medical issues, she had to discontinue it.

Her ambition and dedication were truly exemplary; she created her own recruitment agency and it flourished under her guidance. Additionally, she went the extra mile by performing appointment scheduling herself – highlighting her remarkable effort and drive.

Now she is successfully running youtube channel BOTarot and private practice plus digital art and web design.