How Mercury retrograde will affect your Zodiac Sign

Mercury, the messenger planet, is making its way into Virgo on Friday, the 27th

Mercury retrograde begins on April 21 and lasts for 3 weeks

On April 21 at 4:35 a.m., Mercury will station retrograde at 15 degrees Taurus. Because this retrograde begins in Taurus, it’s best to stay out of contact with your friends and family for the foreseeable future. Taurus is the fixed earth sign associated with patience, pragmatism, beauty, sensuality, & practicality. After experiencing this experience, you should expect to rebuild your Universe from the ground up. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Taurus is a practical sign and loves to have something that’s reliable, grounding, and stable for the long term. This retrograde begins at 15 degrees so there is a possibility of lots of mind blowing drama and misunderstandings being brought to light at this time. It may at times be difficult to get concrete answers during the course of a “cliffhanger” event. You might expect results following this event more quickly, but approximately 4-6 weeks will pass before finally seeing them.

Mercury stations direct at 5 degrees Taurus, and waits for Mercury to retrograde on May 14 at 8:12 a.m. ET with a burst of passion & intensity for runners to enjoy the finish line. When you know exactly what you are into, the excitement is palpable when you reach a milestone in your education!

Here’s what your Mercury retrograde journey will look like, in terms of rising sign, sun sign and/or Mercury sign.


You’ve been a lot more aware and thoughtful about who you are as a person over the past year, which is why it’s been such a great year.This can be challenging, primarily because you might have been waiting for the wrong things to happen. Mercury is going retrograde on April 21 and this will challenge your self-confidence and make it seem like all your bets are wrong. Retrograde is a complicated energy that can be difficult to care for. This may leave you feeling like your feelings are unmet or like you need to compensate in some way.

When there is a Total Solar Eclipse in your sign, it is an alarming and challenging reminder of what you’ve chosen to focus your values on. You’ll be faced with a major change that could threaten the vision you’ve spent time in contemplation building.You might want to take a step back and relax before you go into the future, so it’s recommended that you try to get some rest and gather your thoughts.

Mercury will move backwards during the second half of May, which typically signals that certain problems are on the verge of being solved. This can be especially true if you’ve been working on healing your relationship with money and fixing an issue that has been plaguing you.You might be thinking, “Why does money want to be in my life when there’s so much in the world I don’t have?” If you say this a lot, it’s because the hard work of having enough money and seeing things from a clearer perspective has long been delayed.


Mercury will station retrograde in the sky due to retrograde motion. The experience on earth could lead to a reevaluation of how the world around you works, not just your personal perspective. So, Taurus, have you ever wondered what your personality is? And no, I’m not talking about the different personalities that people tend to adopt when in “people-pleaser” mode. But the real you! You want to know what your true personality is like without any of the stressors or other factors getting in the way.Are you too busy for yourself? Have you forgotten about the person you’re supposed to be? With your schedule, it’s hard to remember who you are and not just someone else. Take some time today to reconnect with the person you’ve always been.

Mercury stations direct on May 14, which could symbolize an end to your old personality or a transformation into a new one. There are many signs that you’re changing, but this may also be the start of even more radical changes in your life. It may be a good time to think inward during this time of retrograde because you may have less energy and desire to talk to others. You might feel more inclined to spend time with yourself, do things you love, or just enjoy your sense of inner self. What do you have to say?


It seems that this retrograde could be a good time for you to go deep into your psyche, Gemini. You might be able to confront some of your inner demons and figure out a better way forward.. You will be afraid of failing at first, but you need to remind yourself that your beliefs and emotions can be your most powerful tools to propel you forward.Sometimes, you may feel like you’re going crazy because your social life is falling by the wayside while the demands of work pile up – which gives your subconscious a chance to put together what seems to be missing.

Once Mercury retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you might feel like you’re waking up from a nightmare. You may have experienced both highs & lows as it moves through its course but ultimately you’ll come out the other end and get your life back under control. It’s important to take care of yourself. You may feel more rested as though your subconscious got a chance to rest from all the commotion that you’ve endured over the past year. This retrograde can also be a nice time for forgiveness and letting go of things that you don’t need to worry about anymore.


It’s often difficult to connect with people or set a communal vibe when Mercury stations retrograde in your 11th house of community. April 21 can be an awkward time, especially when you’re trying to build or invite new connections and communities.If you’re not getting along with your clique, it’s worth trying to figure out what went wrong. However, this may not indicate trouble in your friend group at all. It’s the process of reconnecting with old colleagues, acquaintances & teammates you’ve lost touch with. After all, it’s possible that they’ll have a lot to teach you about teamwork. Find out what makes them succeed at each other rather than feeling resentful when they don’t do their part. You may spend some time reflecting on what you want your future to look like. The 11th house also shines a light on your hopes and ideals, so you may also spend some time rethinking your vision for the future.

If Mercury is near the sign of Aries, you tend to be more sassy and protective of your friends. You also start to build things up in a healthy manner by surrounding yourself with good people. It is often tempting to move away from people in old social circles when you feel things can’t work out anymore. However, it’s also important to realize that new opportunities will come your way. You can relax and stay focused knowing that the best friends will be found in 2023!


It’s time for you to set aside your egocentric personality for a little while and focus on Mercury instead. The retrograde period will take place from April 21st until May 8th, so keep your eyes peeled in this timeframe.Leo, you should really know better. I’m sorry to tell you this, but the use of artificial intelligence in your workplace may disrupt some plans that were already in play. To think creatively about your work-related problems, take a look outside the box. You might not always have someone to do it for you and that’s okay. These challenges can remind you of similar experiences you’ve had in the past. How can you use those experiences to inform your next move?

After Mercury retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you’ll have a much better understanding of what career path is next for you. Maybe this retrograde exposed you to some things about yourself that you didn’t know or maybe it knocked you down a few pegs like it did for me. It’s valuable to start from where you are rather than pretending that everything is perfect. Remember to stay humble because everyone has life and lessons they need in order to grow.


Not sure what to do? Mercury’s retrograde in your ninth house will be challenging, but when it comes to personal growth and travel, chances are you’ll find something unexpected along the way. It could even lead to some much-needed detours that force you outside of your comfort zone. If you only use a GPS, you may never find your way or be able to live without one. Learn to navigate without technology by looking for landmarks, paths and other ways of finding directions. There’s no point in restricting yourself and being limited by technology. Allow the wind to take you somewhere new! These days there are many ways to find adventure including online travel portals that provide unique experiences and lovely destinations. Even if you don’t know exactly where your next trip should be, there are inevitably moments in life that seem surreal and even unexpected, pulling you out of whatever point of view you’ve been trapped in for too long. Experiences like these help deepen faith and perspective during times when the world feels unmoored from a more traditional interpretation of “home”.

Once Mercury goes direct on May 14, you may feel a sense of direction returning. This is especially true if you’ve been zeroing in on what you’re interested in and what you believe in. Even if you don’t always have time to participate in an online group, by the time your retrograde cycle ends, you’ll know more than you could ever imagine.


You may find yourself in the mood to settle debts, evaluate your investments and think about buying some Libra. After all, Mercury will station retrograde on April 21 which may bring up some financial conundrums that still require your attention.If money is unaccounted for, you’ll want to locate where it may have gone. Don’t panic–a lot of people experience this kind of emptiness in their lives and this isn’t just a symptom of lost funds. Taking away these worries is often what helps people move on.It’s time to make peace and set yourself free. A Total Solar Eclipse in Aries is this month’s celestial event, so you might be more motivated than usual to move on from your bad situation retrograde, one of the best changes to happen over time has been people’s emotional intelligence. Relationships are always evolving, and you can expect this experience to occur at the same time you have major shifts in your relationships.

Mercury Station Retrograde on May 14th will be a time to embrace change and find peace in new opportunities. It’s time to look at what is no longer serving you and let go of old ways in favor of something better! Let the rebirth of your career sweep through you!


It’s time to make changes if you want to address your relationships. Because Mercury will be retrograde, you need to be extra cautious and thoughtful about any endeavors that might wane your relationships in any way.It’s hard to move forward from the trauma of heartbreak and setbacks, but so that you can see how far you are doing. You’ve been taking small steps every day and you finally feel like you are on the right track to recovery. It’s also time to start processing how much progress you’ve made, because a relationship thrives when two people feel inspired to come together. You are only responsible for fulfilling your end of the deal with me.

Mercury retrogrades stations direct on May 14 & that date is an important one. Communication issues with your allies, enemies, business partners & significant others will be easier to iron out during this time.You may have come to terms with some things that have been weighing on your mind lately (and I’m sure that you are excited about the things that are coming around the corner).


Mercury Retrograde is approaching on April 21 when it will start to affect the planet’s natural motion and cause some confusion. This is a great time to take a step back, reconsider your habits, and consider how you can stay focused without relying solely on routines. Are these habits really helping you grow?Is it common for you to feel like a robot when living by your daily routine? It might be time to rethink your routines, regimens and spirituality that you live by.

Early in the month, Mercury is retrograde, so things tend to go more slowly and it might be difficult to get certain tasks done. However, during this time, you’ll probably have the best luck when it comes to getting your daily tasks out of the way.Productivity is like a muscle that you need to work out. You should focus on it every day, but be sure not to overdo it. It all starts with just one step and taking notice of your progress can ensure that you don’t ever stop enjoying it!


Hopefully, this retrograde will now make sense to you with this greater level of understanding. It could turn into an interesting & enticing experience.So every time April 21th rolls around, Venus will be retrograde in your fifth house of creative endeavors. In addition to that, it’s also looking like this “Venus Retrograde” could lower the temperature between you and your partner, leaving your romantic relationship feeling a little bit more stifled. If there’s one thing you likely won’t forget, it’s the good ol’ feeling in your heart when a soulmate comes back into your life. It may cause you to pick up an old project that was abandoned and take it to the next level with all of your newfound passion.

If Mercury stations direct on this date, then you may feel your creative juices coming back and be ready to tackle other projects.The holidays may not have been what you had in mind, but you’re still in the mood to start a new romantic relationship or find new friends. Enjoy the retrograde!


You may crave human connection, but sometimes that doesn’t mean a thriving home environment is without its problems. Are there piles of laundry in your room you’ve been refusing to fold? What about disagreements with family members?Now is the perfect time for you to focus on your family and home life. Mercury stations retrograde in your 4th house and will lead to some changes regarding the status of your family. There will be a need to connect with your roots this month which can help you better understand where you come from & who helped raise you.. Home may be where some people come from, but we also need to make it a place where we recognize our true selves, next

Unfortunately, Mercury has been pretty much in retrograde since April this year so it’s likely that you are going to encounter some tough times navigating through family & work issues. Even though it may be difficult, set your boundaries and use the time wisely to focus on some long-term solutions. Home and family issues take a toll on your life, but there’s no need to worry. You have all the power in the world (if you want it) to shape your home into exactly what you have envisioned. What starts with small movements can create a never-ending stream of beautiful moments.


Mercury retrograde periods usually make communication a bit more difficult and it’s probably best to try and stay away from quick answers during this time. Be careful of accidentally offending people with your words, Pisces!The retrograde will start on April 21, which might target nervous conversations that were left unfinished.If you haven’t heard from your friend in a while, don’t fret. They may have “ghosted” on you, but they will probably start responding to emails again soon. The thing you need to remember is to always check all correspondence before sending or forwarding and make sure important files are backed up. All this will help with tech errors!

Mercury will retrograde from May 14 to May 27, and will spend time examining the conflict or conversation you have been struggling with for several weeks.So what is it that you really want to say? Concise words provide clarity, so it all boils down to the approach you choose. If you have time constraints, coherence is key.


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