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Taco Phillings esquire lll
The biggest fan of the BO show right here

I myself am a practicing witch and intuitive psychic. I've also been getting tarot readings for almost 15 years from a plethora of different readers of all kinds. BO is by far the best I've worked with. Out of literally hundreds of readings from her, not one has been inaccurate. With perfection she understands the complexity of the art form of balancing intuition and logical interpretation of the cards. She's intelligent, compassionate, and extremely talented. She's a legitimate psychic. Her prices for her time and skill are very reasonable, and in comparison actually quite cheap! She speaks English better than many North Americans and it's not even her first language. She is also beautiful and has great style. Her shows have become an anticipated constant in my life and honestly I can't imagine navigating the turbulent waters of this reality without her guidance. Thank you BO, you are truly an angel on earth!

Awesome prediction by Amazing person!!

Just want to say never ever saw such a perfectly predicted tarot reader like you BO. Whatever you predicted regarding my every area of life came true. Guys reading this review will highly suggest you to take a reading from her. You will never ever be disappointed. Not only reading BO will also give you advice.


I was recommended by Bo a couple months ago from a friend and I must say she is a very intuitive gifted reader. So far everything she says has been right. She won’t tell you a lie or mislead you. Bo is very honest, accurate, and will also give you guidance.


I was recommended by Bo a couple months ago from a friend and I must say she is a very intuitive gifted reader. So far everything she says has been right. She won’t tell you a lie or mislead you. Bo is very honest, accurate, and will also give you guidance.

Alisha Scarborough
General reading

Bo predicted that I will get a job after some time. She said I won't get a high paying job right away, but I will find a job that pays less first. 4 job interviews in and I finally got hired!! I am so happy things turned out as she said. I love getting readings from BO, she is the best!! Don't hesitate to get a reading with her. You wont regret it.

Book now !!!

If you’re looking for accuracy you found the right Reader I’ve been getting reading for some time now and I’m never disappointed !!! please remember that time is fluid when getting a reading ,that means it might not be exactly in this moment like right now this second because we’re all on different timelines but without a shadow of a doubt with all of Bo reading it happens so what I’m tryin to say is she speaks facts Don’t hesitate don’t question it go ahead but now I love you Bo thanks for all of the Phenomenal reading really appreciate you and all your guidance

BEST Tarot reader alive!

I have been coming to Bo for years and she has been 100% spot on for pretty much every single thing. If you are considering a reading with Bo then do yourself a favor and DO IT! You will be glad you did. 1 example of how accurate Bo is....I did a reading with her a few days ago during her Live youtube and asked her would my person take action and she said yes. Not even 20 minutes after the reading my phone was ringing! Bo will always be my go to when I need clarity and guidance.

General Reading

Bo has given me the beat readings I've even had. She is so accurate it's scary lol. I love it! Thank you so much BO

General reading

Bo is so good at giving readings. She told me something about my ex and it happened the next day. She also told me how my crush feels about me and it shows. She is so accurate. I love her readings. She is the best ever. Thank you so much Bo.

All readings have been accurate so far!

You can trust Bo more than yourself! She knows the ins and the outs of a situation and accurately predicts what is going to happen. She blows my mind every time and you get to see the results quite quickly!!! Love you Bo ♥ Thank you for sharing your gift with us all

You are the best reader I have ever met, my spiritual detective BO!

Hey BO, I just want to give you an update that 2 of your predictions came true. One is positive and one negative. Positive one is that I got recognition in my company as you predicted Negative one is there was deduction in my salary.
You are the best reader I have ever met.
Guys, reading this review, if u have any doubt or want answer in any aspect of area. I will highly recommend "BO Tarot Artsy" . You will never ever be disappointed with her readings.

June 2023 read

Hello Bo❤ .. so far spot on...on the reading you read to me on i guess 9June. I am still wondering what other good things coming... you mention he might be busy with kids, we are suppose to meet on sunday but he says no one take care of kids.. so we didnt meet for lunch but he bring me dinner and he find me 2 extra meet for supper(after his kids sleep) hopefully more to come....???? again he say about having baby(maybe your empress card?)... but i say im not sharing my man... haha he did not answer... next time i will try to make him answer... haha i hope 1 day you will tell me he is bringing ring???? thanks Bo! Cant wait for more to come


Bo always gave a clear readings for me..What she said in the reading Turns out so on point..When i need some clarity about my unresolved problems, i always ended up with Bo..the reading was straightforward and you will get clarity without a doubt . The rest it’s your decisision.And first thing that you’ll rememberd is that She always remember all of her clients and always supports them..You’re the best Bo! Sending you lotsa love

Denise De’shell
Twin Flame Union Prediction

After about 2 years of consistently getting readings from Bo, her prediction of my twin flame breaking up with his karmic relationship came to pass and I anticipate us reuniting in the summer time as she predicts. All her readings leading up to their break up has been accurate and given me hope to our reconciliation. I’ve attached a photo of him finally updating his Facebook status to ‘single’ . I don’t have a screen shot for when he was in a relationship because it all happened so fast. Looking forward to future readings!

Guiding Light

Bo has been my guiding light over a number of years. This year for me has been about patience so I am waiting for the beautiful gifts Bo has predicted to come in. She noted that I would get a job offer in Gemini Season and I got it . Claiming the rest over the next few months. Thank you for being a great support as always xx


My readings have been so kind & considerate. i have purchased more than one & the end result leaves me happy every single time.
Thanks so much for all you do!

Love & Light

Muy acertada!

Consulto con BO hace 2 años. Es muy acertada sobre todo en lecturas laborales. El año pasado me dijo que por estas fechas encontraria mi trabajo soñado, este año me dijo lo mismo y pasó. Muchas gracias Bo!


it’s hard to find a reader that is able to actually predict things happening or to describe things so well
even though you did so many accurate predictions for me , I still get amazed whenever one happens / gets confirmed .

Personal reading

Good morning , I’m just here to let everyone know to get readings /advice from Bo she’s legit . I got a reading from her about 3 days ago about someone’s intentions with me she told me he will come towards me offering me some kind of relationship & last night he did & he also expressed some feelings I wasn’t aware of . She always gives me very accurate advice. My advice to y’all is to stick with Bo she’s the truth . Thank you 1:18:38

My friend philosopher Guide Bo

Bo. Friendship has no age(we are friends).you are trustworthy accurate reader. Anybody can trust your reading blindly. Only two short example of your accuracy level.
1. Last year (2022 march) I broke up with my love and up set I took reading from everywhere no one literally no one did not tell me accurate communication time but during my reading whispered (when is next eclipse) who ever present there we all searched and replied October 26th.Bo told me communication not coming any time soon but after eclipse you both will communicate. Guess what after 8th months no contact my person called me 28th of October 2022(2days after eclipse.
2.Same thing happened again she predicted Aries season you will reconcile. Guess what yes we reconnect again 11th of April 2023 (Aries season) .
Whatever you predict for me everything is 200% right.
Love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️God bless you ❤️❤️❤️

Bo you are a really genuine kind hearted straightforward person. Really love you ❤️
Thank you so much for your love and care❤️

Email reading - It’s a small price for what they offer!

It’s a small price for what Bo offers! My readings were very insightful , Ive also got timeframe for one of my questions . She picked up easily on the situations without me explaining or giving any context . I like how the reader is giving you lots of information in a few lines and they answer the questions without leaving you wondering ! Definitely recommend her ,she is truly gifted and has a really nice energy as well!


I purchased a reading on BOtarot live regarding my adult daughter and her divorce Not only did BO describe my daughter, & her soon to be ex TO A TEE, she was aware of SPECIFIC actions she had recently taken.
This was my first reading from BOtarot but will certainly NOT be my last.

Highly recommend- accuracy is off the charts!

Hands down ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have to write another review since it’s been awhile..I have been getting readings with Bo sporadically on live…she has always been nothing short of amazing and on point an actual real tarot reader!! I wanted to thank you again for the last reading and being so genuine and kind!! It’s means more to me than I could ever express! I truly value you in my life now! (Lol girlie idk how to put that) but you are such an inspiration and amazing tarot reader!! Thank you kindly my friend! -Jamie

The beginning of the end with the third party

Bo has been working with me over a year. she has been keeping posted on the drama in my household. She has finally told me some news that the guy that I have feelings for wants to come and be with me in more then just a friend. His attractions towards me has grown and he don't have feelings for the third party so thank you Bo for being so truthful even in the bad times thank you again

Bo is the Best!

Bo is the Best! So kind and psychic, insightful and always on point! Ive gone to her for the most desperate reasons and she always showed her wonderful sisterly attitude, so wide and helpful and ...i mean always right!

I will recommend her forever!
Thank you Bo!