What will happen when Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 17th?

What will happen when Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 17th?

What will happen when Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 17th?

During Saturn retrograde, we might experience various shifts and changes in our lives as Saturn influences us to reflect on our past actions and make necessary adjustments.

During Saturn’s retrograde, we are given a unique opportunity to reflect on the status quo, challenge the establishment and ask ‘Why are things this way?’.It inspires us to be daring and brave, and take action to make positive changes.

Retrograde astrological cycles often bring confusion, distraction and drama, however, there is much more to it than just those surface-level interpretations. It’s an incredibly fascinating concept that offers a deeper perspective into the cosmos.

During the upcoming five months (June to November2023), the Saturn retrograde will bring a positive impact to each zodiac sign. It’s truly amazing how helpful and motivating retrograde periods can be for realigning us in many ways.

Saturn is a very powerful planet that can bring karma, restrictions, burdens of responsibility and the need for discipline. This journey has been especially challenging since March 2023 as Saturn moved into Pisces and is recreated our world in a more compassionate, mysterious, emotional and dreamy way. This transit has helped us look beyond our fantasies, prompting us to find a more real and practical interpretation of our spirituality & imaginations.

During Saturn retrograde, it is important to be careful when making decisions that could Having a hugely impactful result is best avoided by avoiding long-term commitments, large investments, and other life-altering decisions until the retrograde passes. We should not though start a new project, take calculated risks, respect authority, and stay organised. This is an amazing opportunity to liberate ourselves.

What will happen when Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 17th?

When Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces on June 17th, it will be a time of reflection and introspection. People may find themselves feeling more analytical and introspective than usual, and they may be drawn to take a closer look at their life path and goals. It can also be a time for healing old wounds and connecting with our spiritual selves. However, it can also bring some challenges in terms of taking action and reaching our goals. Because of the slower energy, it can be difficult to make decisions or take action in this period.


Aries is a sign of action and initiative, and Saturn Retrograde in Pisces can be a challenging time for Aries to move forward with their plans. During this retrograde period, Aries may feel as though they are running into repeated roadblocks and delays in achieving their goals. This is a time for Aries to take a step back and reassess their strategies for success. It is important to explore the spiritual and emotional aspects of life during this period, as Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will be encouraging Aries to find balance between the material world and the spiritual realm.


Saturn retrograde in Pisces for Taurus can be a challenging time. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and Pisces is a mutable Water sign. This combination can cause Taurus to feel like their world is spinning out of control. They may find themselves questioning their decisions and second-guessing themselves. They may feel like they are being pulled in different directions and that nothing is certain or stable. It’s important for Taurus to remember that this is only temporary and that eventually things will settle down. During this time, it’s important for Taurus to focus on the present. 

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Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces means that Gemini may feel a strong sense of introspection and a need to retreat from the world. During this time, Gemini should focus on understanding themselves and their innermost feelings. It’s important to take time for self-reflection and contemplation, as well as reaching out to trusted friends and loved ones for support. Gemini may also find themselves reassessing their life goals and purpose, and taking steps to achieve them. The energy of Saturn in Pisces encourages one to look deeply into their inner workings and come to terms with their weaknesses as well as their strengths. This is not necessarily a difficult task, but there is a definite need to honestly assess what one is made of in order to truly rise above any obstacles.People with this placement can be found in various places throughout society, such as counselors, doctors and nurses, artists, athletes and other professional fields requiring intensive mental work.



Saturn retrograde in Pisces can bring some challenging energy for Cancer. It can cause them to feel emotionally overwhelmed and drained, as Saturn’s influence can be heavy and draining. They may feel disconnected from their emotions and unable to process them properly. They may also feel stuck in a certain area of their life, like a job or relationship, as Saturn’s influence can signify stagnation and limitation. It’s important for Cancer to take the time to reflect and understand what they need in order to move forward, rather than forcing themselves into a situation that isn’t right for them.


Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will bring a period of contemplation and introspection for Leos. This is a time to reflect on your life and take stock of where you are. You may find yourself reflecting on the past, particularly the mistakes you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned. This is an opportunity to let go of what doesn’t serve you and make room for healing and growth. Saturn Retrograde in Pisces is a time for rest, relaxation, and taking care of yourself. You may want to spend some time in nature .


Saturn retrograde in Pisces can be a difficult time for Virgos, as the energies of Saturn and Pisces contradict each other. During this time, Virgos may feel pulled in two different directions, making it difficult to make decisions and find balance. On the one hand, Saturn’s energy encourages structure and practicality, while Pisces energy encourages creativity and emotion. This can be a time of great inner turmoil for Virgos, as they struggle to reconcile these two energies within themselves. During this time, it is important for Virgos to take time to reflect and practice self-love.


For Libra, Saturn Retrograde in Pisces may bring some difficult lessons and a need to re-evaluate certain aspects of life. Libra’s may become more aware of the need to slow down and take time for reflection and introspection. It is possible that relationships will come under scrutiny and the Libra may need to make some hard decisions about their connections with others. Libra may benefit from taking a break from their busy lives to take stock of their current situation and make sure they are on the right track. This is also a time for letting go of old habits.


For Scorpio, Saturn retrograde in Pisces can bring challenges but also opportunities. During this time, Scorpio may feel a tug-of-war between their practical need for security and the call to let go of what is no longer serving them. Saturn is the planet of structure and boundaries, and its retrograde can bring up issues of rigidity or stagnation. This is a time to challenge your current beliefs, habits, and patterns in order to find liberation from self-imposed limitations.


This retrograde period presents an opportunity to review and reflect on your spiritual beliefs and practices. This is a time to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and focus on your inner self. You may want to explore meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself. This is also an excellent time to take a break from your usual routine and find some quiet time for reflection and contemplation.

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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces for Capricorn can be a difficult period of time. This is because Saturn is one of the planets that represents authority, structure, and discipline. It is a planet of hard work and responsibility. When it goes into retrograde, it can be a difficult time for Capricorn as they may feel like their plans or goals are being hindered or delayed. This can cause Capricorn to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the sense of responsibility that they have. However, it is important to remember that this period can also be a great opportunity for growth and self-exploration.


During this time, Aquarius may experience a period of introspection and reflection. As Saturn is the planet of structure and boundaries, Aquarius may be called upon to review their current life choices and make changes where necessary. This could include reevaluating relationships, career plans, or lifestyle habits that no longer fit their ideals. Additionally, Aquarius may be encouraged to explore their innermost dreams and desires, embracing a more spiritual approach to life. Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces can bring a renewed sense of purpose and clarity to Aquarius’ life path.


During this period of Saturn Retrograde in Pisces, you may feel like you’re being pulled in two different directions. On one hand, you may be focused on the present and your immediate needs, while on the other hand, you will be strongly aware of the need to plan for the future. You may find that your inner voice is pushing you to make changes or take new directions, and you should take time to reflect on what these changes might be and how they could benefit you in the long term.

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